According to an icddr,b finding, patients' demand for antibiotics and sellers’ willingness to provide play key roles behind the unrestricted sale of antibiotics. Around 33% of pharmacies surveyed were not licensed while only 11% of drug sellers had received pharmacy training.



Can global warming trigger cholera outbreaks?

Published in Nature Disease Primer, a recent review co-authored by icddr,b researchers suggests that rising sea temperature caused by climate change may be favouring the incidence of different vibrio-related diseases, caused by some virulent Vibrio species.


Hepatitis B vaccines for children found effective in Bangladesh

The hepatitis B vaccine programme in Bangladesh was found highly effective in preventing chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection among children, suggests a new icddr,b study.


Most mosquitoes breeding in clean stagnant water are dengue-spreading Aedes

Findings from a survey conducted in Dhaka city 12 wards suggests that refrigerator trays were mostly responsible for Aedes production during wet seasons, alongside plastic drums, vehicle parts and discarded construction materials.


Rohingya population displacement: Concern for spread of drug-resistant malaria?

Influx of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) in Bangladesh increased population movements around the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region.


Hearing loss screening for patients with TB and diabetes urged

An icddr,b study in collaboration with National TB Control Program (NTP) has found that patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) also having diabetes may be more likely to experience early hearing loss.


Can more children benefit from cleaner water?

Children are among those mostly suffering and dying from diseases caused by impure water. Recent icddr,b evidence suggests that these children could not only have survived but also have attained better development with improved water quality and better nutrition.


Behaviour change intervention found effective in improving urban slum hygiene

Hygiene practice of shared toilets within urban slums have shown improvements due to behaviour change intervention coupled with sanitation support.


Clinical features useful for early detection of pneumonia

An icddr,b study found additional simple clinical features helpful to distinguish the cause of rapid breathing in children with diarrhoea in order to facilitate appropriate treatment in time.


Arsenic shown to cause diarrhoea and affect lung function

Those exposed to arsenic in Bangladesh may be at higher risk of childhood respiratory tract infection and diarrhoea, suggests a new systematic review by icddr,b.


Unsafe water and poor sanitation continue to trigger Hepatitis E

Recent icddr,b studies have shown that surveillance of diagnostic laboratories can detect small HEV outbreaks in urban Bangladesh, and that people exposed to pigs can be at a higher risk of jaundice due to poor waste disposal.


Children over six may be at greater risk of dengue infection

Children older than six years of age can be at greater risk of dengue fever, identifies a new study with icddr,b, predicting that this may be because they spend more time in crowded places such as schools and parks.