Individuals with high blood pressure or hypertension, and especially those with bigger tummy may be more likely to develop diabetes, suggests a multi-country COBRA BPS study with icddr,b.

Around 23 percent of people with hypertension in Bangladeshi rural communities were found experiencing diabetes while another 24 percent were found with borderline diabetes (prediabetes).



Hearing loss screening for patients with TB and diabetes urged

An icddr,b study in collaboration with National TB Control Program (NTP) has found that patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) also having diabetes may be more likely to experience early hearing loss.


Addressing children with autism

Misdiagnosis and improper treatment for children and adults with autism only compound the suffering faced by these individuals, and prevent special-needs children from receiving a properly caring environment.


Estimating the burden diabetic retinopathy

The theme 'Eyes on diabetes' focuses on promoting screening to ensure early diagnosis of type-2 diabetes and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications


Beating diabetes in Bangladesh

The theme 'Beat diabetes' aims to increase awareness about this disease, which has shown dramatic increase in low- and middle-income countries including Bangladesh.


Obesity and overweight – a growing concern for married women in Bangladesh?

Nearly one in five married women in Bangladesh are obese or overweight, new research from icddr,b has established. 


Patients with diabetes should be screened for depression to lower threats from both

Patients with diabetes are more than six times likely to suffer from depression than patients without diabetes, finds a new icddr,b studyexamining the coexistence of the two health conditions in Bangladesh.



Major research to tackle hypertension in South Asia

The new study aims to generate new knowledge about interventions to improve health in low and middle income countries that can be quickly implemented.


Are health systems ready for the chronic disease challenge?

A recent study documenting the shift of chronic disease from the rich to the poor is the latest piece of evidence generated by icddr,b scientists to highlight an alarming upcoming challenge for health systems in Bangladesh



Hypertension is a growing problem that needs attention in Bangladesh

New icddr,b studies show rising prevalence of hypertension in both urban and rural Bangladesh



Experiences of addressing cardiovascular disease at the community level

Community members in Bangladesh do not perceive risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but health workers are now ready to diagnosis it



Understanding why rural hypertensive patients fail to stick with their treatment

A new study by icddr,b scientists examines the reasons behind non-adherence to hypertension treatment, which leaves patients vulnerable to risk of stroke and related heart disease.